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Kim Buchanan, CMT, AHDI-F, Director of Education

Kim Buchanan, CMT, AHDI-F has been an MT, a service owner, a mentor for a national service, and an educator. Kim has been an active member of AHDI (AAMT) since 1997, serving at the local, state, and national level. Kim served from 2002 through 2006 on the national AAMT Board of Directors and was the AAMT President in 2005. She earned both her CMT and AHDI-Fellow designation in 2002. Prior to joining M-TEC, Kim worked for 3 years at AHDI as Director of Credentialing and Education, overseeing registered apprenticeship, the military spouse initiative, educational programming, the credentialing program, and education approval. She was named “Top 10 in HIM” by Advance Magazine in 2008 for her work raising awareness about professional credentials with the creation of the AHDI Credentialing Cup. Kim holds a bachelor of arts degree in social work with a minor in business from the University of Washington.

Vallie Piloian, CMT, AHDI-F, Business Development and Innovation
Vallie is Business Development Manager. She has been in the medical transcription field for over 12 years. Prior to joining M-TEC, she was the Director of Quality Operations for Webmedx. Before that, Vallie worked for Medware on the senior management team and HealthScribe as a medical transcriptionist. Vallie became a CMT in 1999 and a fellow in 2002. She has been actively involved in national, state, and local AHDI components. Vallie served as president of the Central Florida Chapter in 1998, president of the Florida Association in 2002, and president of AHDI in 2006. She served 5 years on the national AHDI Board of Directors 2003 to 2007. Vallie is currently president elect of AHDI-Florida, committee member of the MTIA/AHDI Workforce Development Committee, and AHDI Past President Liaison. Vallie received the Alumni of the Year Award from Seminole Community College in 2003.

Brittany McCorkle, Admissions Coordinator
Brittany comes to M-TEC with several years of experience working for proprietary schools, most recently as the Director of Admissions for a Microsoft IT Academy. Brittany graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and has a passion for higher education. However, she believes a four-year college degree is not for everyone, but that everyone should learn a skill in order to enhance his or her earning potential. She is very excited to continue to help change the lives of those around her and maintain the valuable reputation of M-TEC by strengthening the MT industry through quality education.

Patricia Seitz, CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor/Instructor Coordinator

Patty is currently owner/operator of a home-based transcription service. She is a graduate of the University of Akron with an Associate's Degree and has been a practicing MT since 1976 and certified since 1982. Her work experience has included hospital medical records, a local MT service, a national MT service, coordinator/supervisor for an MT department at a local rehab center, as well as currently running her own home-based service since 1990.
Patty participated in the formation of Ohio's first AHDI chapter in the early 1980s and held positions as president, secretary, and newsletter editor for the Greater Akron (Ohio) Chapter of AHDI and is a past member of the AHDI Technology Task Force. Patty is involved with the Utah State Association of AHDI and continues to help write curriculum updates and skill builders for M-TEC on an ongoing basis.

Mike DeTuri, Technology Instruction and Support Coordinator
Mike was an MT Supervisor for Edix (now Spheris) where he managed and mentored a team of 120 MTs. He also worked remotely as a QA Editor for Transcription Relief Services.
He is the past Tech Support Manager for MedRemote, a health informatics Application Service Provider. Mike completed his medical transcription training at Maric College in San Diego in 1995 and worked as an acute care MT for many years.  He majored in English Literature in college. Mike has knowledge of computing and a proven record of providing solutions to computer-related problems and difficulties. Since 2004 Mike has brought a wealth of technology training, techniques and challenges to M-TEC students and graduates.

Harriet Stewart, CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor
Harriet Stewart has been a medical transcriptionist for 30 years, working in hospitals, in a service owned and operated by a group of ER physicians, in a partnership of a transcription service, and with an international internet-based transcription service. Harriet taught the Medical Transcription course at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, Virginia for 10 years until her move to Northern Virginia in May of 2000, for her job as trainer of new employees for a large medical transcription company. Later, she took on the role as one of the instructors for M-TEC in 2001. In 1997, Harriet received AHDI's Marilyn Craddock Educator of the Year award. Harriet obtained her CMT certificate in 1983. She was bestowed the honor of Fellow of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity in 2002. She has been active in AHDI component chapters since the early 1980s, both local and state. She was one of the co-founders of the first chapter in Virginia, the Tidewater Chapter in 1982. She also co-founded the Virginia State component chapter and served as Delegate to the House of Delegates and as its President for 2 terms. Harriet has been elected to serve on the AHDI Board Of Directors for a 3-year term, 2008 to 2010. Harriet serves as Board Partner to Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In addition to her AHDI Board duties, she is a membership-at-large delegate in the AHDI House of Delegates.

Marie Roberts, CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor
Marie's past experiences as an MT have included working as an MT for Datakey, LLC and later as a subcontractor for two ICs. Experience includes acute care transcription of the basic four medical reports for several hospitals and a wide range of specialties. Marie's education includes a diploma from M-TEC 1999 from the Premier Program Tier I -- Grade Point Average: 99%. She has a diploma in Pre-School Practice Learning Alliance in Hertfordshire, England and Pharmacy Technician Certificates from Society of Apothecaries, London and from Barking College, England a City & Guilds Certificate as a Pharmacy Technician. Marie is a member of AHDI and was a Member of the Medical Transcription Certification Commission from Jan 2001 until its dissolution. President of Greater Boston Chapter, AHDI, 2003, 2004, 2005. Newsletter Editor for Greater Boston Chapter, AHDI, 2002.

Angela Kelly, CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor
Angela is a certified medical transcriptionist who has experience transcribing acute care, gaining invaluable experience working in various settings, including the in-house setting, local physicians' offices, smaller local services, and national services. Angela has had the opportunity to work in the capacity of QA editor, trainer, and account manager. Angela has previously served on the board for the local AHDI chapter, the Florida West Coast Chapter, as the Education Chair.
Angela has an associate's degree from Santa Fe Community College. She has also attended University of Florida, St. Petersburg College, and PTEC Nursing School. Angela has a Bachelor of Science in Technical Education and Industry Training from the University of Central Florida.

Diana Gish, CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor
Diana has taught for M-TEC since 2005. She is a charter member of the Online Chapter of AHDI having served on the Board of Directors, Chairman of Education/Mentoring Committee and Co-Editor of Bridging Boundaries. She is employed by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) as Education Best Practices Coordinator and provides continuing education for the MT industry in the form of online webinars as well as articles/puzzles for publications. Diana began as a legal transcriptionist for 5 years, providing transcripts for Wyoming Grand Jury and famed attorney Gerry Spence. Thereafter, she has had 25 years as a medical language specialist. She has experience as the owner/operator of Transcription Professionals, p.r.n. legal transcriptionist for Judge Advocate General’s office in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, and 12 years with MedQuist as QA specialist utilizing multiple online platforms. She earned her CMT credential in 1998 followed by the honor of Fellow of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity in 2004.

Sue Dickinson CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor
Sue has been a multispecialty medical transcriptionist for nearly 4 decades and enjoyed a variety of work environments on site in hospitals and physician offices. She began her medical transcriptionist career at RAF Lakenheath, England in 1969 as a Civil Service Employee. During her professional career, Sue has been employed as a medical transcriptionist, served as a quality analyst and held supervisory and management positions on site in hospitals, physician's offices, and for medical transcription services TNTC. She is currently serving as the 2007 Treasurer for the Atlanta Chapter of AHDI.She is also contracted with Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins as an editor on their Stedman's Word Series books. Her 2007 published titles include Radiology Words, 5th edition, and Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Words, 5th edition. She is currently editing the 5th edition of Stedman's Pathology and Lab Medicine Words (slated for publication during late summer 2008).

RuthAnne Darr, CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor
RuthAnne has been in the medical transcription field since 1997, first working at a local hospital as a radiology transcriptionist, then as an acute care MT for a local transcription service. After relocating from Maine to Oregon, RuthAnne began working for MedQuist, Inc., as a home-based MT.
RuthAnne is serving as Secretary of the Online Chapter of AHDI, is Co-editor of “Bridging Boundaries” (monthly electronic newsletter for MTs), the chairman of the Awards & Recognition Committee, and a member of several other committees. RuthAnne has been a member of AHDI since 2000 and is currently serving on the Editorial Content Team for Health Data Matrix and Plexus and is an Associate Editor for both magazines. She also serves on the Ethics Committee, the Bylaws Committee and the Awards & Recognition Committee of AHDI. RuthAnne has been a certified medical transcriptionist since 2003 and an AHDI-F since 2006.RuthAnne graduated with an Associate Degree in both the Medical and Legal Administrative Assistant programs from Northern Maine Technical College in 1997.

Jami Fineberg, CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor/Continuing Education Coordinator
Jami has been a medical transcriptionist for 16 years and recently received her CMT credential through the American Association for Medical Transcription. She has held positions as an auditor, trainer and QA specialist. Jami worked for the largest teaching hospital in Upstate NY as QA supervisor.
Jami's education includes Tulane University in New Orleans as well as Syracuse University in New York, majoring in nursing. Jami's goal is to "make the student or newbie the best transcriptionist he/she can be."

Arlaine Walsh, MSN, CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor
Arlaine (Lainey to most who know her) works in QA and mentoring for a Miami-based transcription company.  She has been in the transcription business for 30+ years working formerly as an MTSO and in other situations as a trainer and editor. She has a master’s degree in nursing from the University of California system and did course work in Boston, her home town. She is both a past president of the Florida Association of Medical Transcription and its 2008 president. She is serving as a delegate in 2008. She is an active AHDI/AAMT participant serving on the Editorial Content Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Military Spouse Initiative, and the Educational Alliance. She has chaired the Bylaws Committee and the HOD Lead Team in the past and remains active in her local component. Arlaine received the honor of Fellow of the American Association of Medical Transcription in 2005.

Michelle Marino, CMT, AHDI-F, MBA, Instructor

A 2002 M-TEC graduate, Michelle currently works as a Tier 3 medical transcriptionist, transcribing acute care dictations in a wide variety of specialties with an emphasis on accounts containing a high percentage of ESL dictators. Michelle obtained her CMT credential in 2003. Michelle has been an active member of the Greater Allegheny Mountain Chapter (Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New York) and has organized their Spring Symposium for the last 5 years running. Michelle has been an active M-TEC graduate and has moderated several classes on speech recognition, has participated in numerous graduate classes, and has submitted articles that have been posted on the M-TEC site relating to speech recognition and the CMT exam.
Michelle obtained both her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

C. Lynn Nevala, CMT, Instructor

Lynn Nevala’s first transcription experience stems from 1965 when she began working in the X-Ray Department of Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, PA. Lynn spent 6 years in the United States Air Force doing transcription and simultaneous translation from another language. After receiving her Honorable Discharge, she went on to work as a veterans representative, spending the next 15 years doing medicolegal work assisting veterans with obtaining and maintaining VA benefits.
Lynn has worked at Spheris, Transolutions, Amphion, and others since then and currently works from home as an account manager and QA specialist for a transcription company based near her home in Georgetown, Texas. She has been doing QA since shortly after receiving her CMT in December of 2006, and is currently working on an e-book about medical transcription.

Carol (Palmer) Croft, CMT, AHDI-F, Instructor

Carol has been a medical transcriptionist since 1972, starting her career in pathology, then medical records after her move to Florida in 1977. In 1983 she started her own MT company. She has since worked for a variety of physician groups in many different specialties, some for the past 25 years.
Carol has been a member of her professional association, the American Association for Medical Transcription, now AHDI, for nearly 3 decades and has been a Certified Medical Transcriptionist since 1981. Also, she attained her Fellow designation in 2003. Carol received the first AHDI Advocate of the Year award in 2006; in addition, she was named the AHDI Member of the Year in 2008, our association’s highest honor. She is a past president of the Florida Association for Medical Transcription, now AHDI-FL, as well as past president of the Pennsylvania Association for Medical Transcription, now PA-AHDI. For the past 2 years, she has been part of the AHDI’s Leadership Institute as an instructor. She is also a member of ASTM, a standard-setting organization.

Sandy Kovacs, CMT, AHDI-F Advisor/Grader
Sandy started transcribing in a military hospital in Germany in 1978. She attained her certification 26 years ago and has been working in the field in many different venues.
Currently, Sandy is working as QA team leader and recruiting advisor. Sandy has worked as a medical transcription recruiter for 10-plus years. She also works with Lippincott Williams & Wilkins as an editor for their Stedman’s Word Book series. Sandy has been a member of AHDI for 26 years. She was a founding member of the Space Coast Chapter in Florida and has served the Buckeye Chapter in Dayton, Ohio as president for 2 terms, vice-president, and symposium chair.


Karen Perenic, RN, CMT, Operations Manager

Karen has been in the healthcare industry, working as an RN since 1974 at Hershey Medical Center in PA, Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh, and Ohio Valley General Hospital in PA, and Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron. Karen completed the M-TEC Tier II program and has been employed as an MT for a local service. Karen has served on the local AHDI chapter board of directors as secretary and symposium coordinator for 3 consecutive terms.

Debra J. Drone, MBA, Accountant
Debra has an Executive Management Master of Business Administration degree with 14 years of experience in accounting and finance. Her last position was with an international chemical manufacturing company. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Medina and Summit Counties Battered Women's Shelter.

Janet Silverman, Receptionist/Loan Representative
Janet has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and has had several years of teaching experience as well as 15 years of office experience. Her previous office jobs have included secretary, receptionist, and administrative assistant.

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